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2005-03-06 - 7:30 a.m.

I would first off like to offer my apologies to anyone last night I offended in any way during my drunken display of idiocracy. My behavior was unjustified.

It's like Weetabix says, it is a really bad bar.

Also, I have the best friends on the planet.

Those of you looking for photo's of me humping statuary will be thwarted. HAH! However, I do believe I took a shit in the woods, was topped by a Ms. Pacman/Gallega machine, and have decided that the good Doctor and I are better off seeing other people. There will be more later, including the Link Love and recap, but I have to get all the URL's together on a page so I can cut and paste them in, and the current state of my head prevents any type of HTML coding, even in the diaryland update window. Actually, especially in the diaryland update window. To everyone that attended this year, I love you all.

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