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2005-04-05 - 2:17 p.m.

I took communion this Sunday, which is not something that I always do. I am too Catholic in my upbringing to just take communion these days. Which is just a silly hold out. I think I also refrain because of all the talk my sitting quietly in my pew generates amongst the congregation. I feel that the priest specifically directs his postulating about the policy towards Open Communion at me specifically. So, this Sunday I took the bait. And while I was up there kneeling at the rail and feeling penitent, I realized that the blood of Christ was tasty this morning. I知 sure the sacrament is some two buck chuck they pick up on sale through some sort of papal discount or something, but whatever it was, it was good. And I知 more a beer drinker than wine. I知 going to have to take communion more often. Or find out what they use. Perhaps it was the watering down with the holy water that made it so palatable. I don稚 know. I値l have to experiment. I got a little flushed up there however, mainly because I知 supposed to be focusing on the sacrifice that was made for my eternal soul, that I was then imperiling by wondering how the blood of Christ would taste with a rib eye marinated in honey, soy, and garlic.

Which, since I知 on the topic of religion, Pope John Paul is dead, and the world mourns the passing of a great leader. And that痴 just my opinion. To quote Mr T: 的 pity the fool that gets the job next. Those are big shoes to fill. Which, I almost turned into a dirty joke, but with the communion wine tasting and what not, I知 not that brave.

You can pretend that I知 ranting about Daylight Savings here. But really, I知 already over it. I see no need to bitch about something that really I can稚 change this year.

Next year though, petitions. That痴 right. I知 going to bring it down and bring it down hard. Maybe kick it around a little bit while it痴 down and be drug off by my handlers, tell them I知 okay, then rush it again, like what happens in every TV fight. I like to fight like TV. It seems to be easier.

I知 rambling at this point. And so I値l leave you with Huey, Dewy, or Louie. Yes, duck.

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