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2005-06-01 - 11:09 a.m.

My sister was married this Memorial Weekend past. And everything was perfect and lovely. My mother claimed it to be one of the happiest days of her life. My father cried because for the Father/Daughter dance my sister had the DJ serve up some Joe Walsh before turning it into Wonderful World. And while I may have been too fat to be in the line, it was still a very special day. I couldn't believe how busy I was with running around. And I missed talking to a few people, however they will be getting note cards telling them that though I was unable to chat, I still appreciated seeing them. Because I'm like that. I was writing some last night because I want them to recieve them before the thank you notes. Because I'm like that as well. In non-wedding related news, I'm bitter. Oh so very bitter. Like brewed tea left too long in the cup. Or rebrewed tea. Or maybe the tea analogy is just not working right now. Uh, I'm lemonade without the sugar. That works better. So, yes, I'm currently a messed up beverage. Emo music makes my heart ache. I'm all angsty. It's not pretty. Most of it is work related, with a little slice of personal life thrown in for spice. I'm keeping myself out of the Grocer as I'd hate to partake in the emotional eating frenzy that the take out places along my route home taunt me with daily. I have less control in the Grocer. The cart just fills up. There are no lines, no waiting, just graze, graze, graze. So it goes.

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