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2005-06-24 - 9:31 a.m.

This morning I started what I hope to be a recurring trip to the new Aquatic and Fitness center in Clearfield. I got my laps in, was feeling pretty good about things. Did some stretching beforehand and felt like calling my personal trainer from California to brag about it. All in all, it was a pleasant morning workout. Then I hit the showers. DUH DUM DUH!

Yes, all hell broke out in the showers. Or rather, some hell. While soaping off the chlorine I was joined in the communal are by a pasty white man wearing both glasses AND his swim trunks. Who then had the gall to inform me that "Families use this facility", referencing my nudity. Yes, I know. I shower nude. I'm 30 years old and really don't feel uncomfortabl enough to keep my trunks on at the Gym. And yet, this man had a problem with it. And he told me about it. I was a bit stunned. With the exception of rinsing off before getting into a public swimming pool, I've never really had an issue with that type of public nudity. I've showered since Jr High School when they made us. The first week, well, it was awkward but I got over it, everyone got over it, and it was nothing. NOTHING.

It's just shocking to me that an adult would say anything. I'm not blaming it on the predominate religion, though I'm tempted. They have the whole garment thing. I'll let that slide. I'm pissed off that someone would approach me with something that he was PERSONALLY uncomfortable with, hiding behind his "faith" to be (in his mind) smugly superior to me. An unflappable foundation from which to bash me over the head with his morals.

I could only ignore his statements. I still can't think of anything pithy or wicked as a reply. I'm merely stunned. And due to other circumstances, I've been feeling very fragile lately, and it really hasn't helped. Just the typing of this stupid entry is stunting my brain and messing with my head. I don't like to doubt myself. And I certainly don't like to have someone do the doubting for me. I would prefer the creepy leers that I would sometimes get at the gym in California. That gym had towel service, product dispencers, and a support staff. Of course, that gym also had a monthly fee equal to what I'm paying for the next 6 months. I guess you get what you pay for.

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