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2005-06-27 - 1:13 p.m.

This morning I couldn't face the pool. But that could have been more to do with the drinking the night before.

I might go this evening. Then again, there would probably be more families there at that time.

I still intend to use my membership. I think it's silly of me to let some stupid thing bother me. Perhaps I'll just strut around the place naked. Dare someone to complain to management, then sue my way to an early retirement. I'm sure there's a logical error in there somewhere, but it's keeping me happy for now.

In other unrelated to my penis in any way news, I managed to lose my cell phone. I had it, then it was gone. I'm sure that I just shoved it into somewhere and now I can't locate it. The battery is dead, so I can't call it. And stress has reduced me to thinking at a 5th grade level so I can't remember where I put it. Such a good time. At the urging of my mother I've started taking vitamins. It hasn't helped my energy or anything. If it's done anything it's wrecked me for the day. Though the vitamins seem to be the easy scapegoat at this point. For both the energy lack and also the Mountain Dew quality of my urine.

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