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2005-08-20 - 11:02 p.m.

Tomorrow I will not be the man on the side of this diary. There will be no mixed drink handed to me as I relax comfortably in my first class berth awaiting the taxiing and the lifting off. No, instead I will be crammed into a Southwest Flight grabbing a seat and praying that whoever decides to sit next to me is not a freak.

My friends think that I am pretentious. When actually, I dislike traveling and strive to make it as comfortable as possible.

Also, I'm a little bit pretentious.

The flight is only like an hour long, so it really shouldn't matter. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. And I can dress for comfort. Except at the airport I'm picking up a Jaguar XJ8, and I'm afraid that if I showed up looking too shabby the nice people at Hertz will downgrade me to a Chrysler. So, it's a tough call. But one that I'll figure out, I'm sure.

In other news, Thursday night I was able to host the lovely Mo and the lovely Jen as they drove cross country. They've both said some very nice things about me on thier livejournal and blog respectivley, which is nice. I hear they have made it safely to Chicago, which is good. And a very, very, long drive.

Just a note, the updating of this diary is going to be sketchy. I'll just be upfront about that. It's not a continuation thing, or a plea for emails/guestbook entries demanding my return. It's just that I'm going through a younglife crisis or something at the moment. Finding my new place in the world. Heavy, navel gazing subjects that would bore the hell out of nearly everyone, including myself. Which, actually, has been happening. I appreciate everyone's patience, and I will be seeing you in JournalCon.

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