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2005-08-26 - 5:22 p.m.

I'm barely staying awake at the moment, fueled by Gatorade X-Factor because my stomach was upset earlier.

It was my own fault, I drank some milk, and that is never a good idea when it's hot out. At least for me. It was chocolate. And it tasted very good. Almost, but not quite making up for the current spout of heartburn that has me swallowing painfully and wishing that the Tums I took were not being swallowed up in the reflux.

Aside from me bitch slapping my stomach around, not a lot has happened today. It's been quiet. Not even the usual amount of spam promising me discounts meds, a larger penis, and Windows XP Pro for $19.95. I could have used the time to catch up on some projects I've been involved in. Updated my bills spreadsheet. Prowled the internet for a new apartment. But I did none of those things, instead choosing to wander around listlessley and re-arrange stacks of paperwork.

I have no plans for the weekend that mean anything. Just a weekend of more avoiding anything complicated, waiting for the following long weekend, where I will no doubt scare up something. Perhaps I will catch up on my reading. Or finally clean my Fondue Pot. Do some serious napping. Those kinds of things. It's not a weekend for getting things done. I'll save that for another time.

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