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2005-08-29 - 3:54 p.m.

There was a terrible accident near the store this morning, backing up traffic and causing snafu after snafu with motorists.

I missed all of it, protected by mirrored glass and an inner office.

I have such a bad sense of ennui at the moment. Everyone was late for work because of the accident, which had to have happened minutes after I arrived. I had no clue, and thus felt distanced from everyone who wanted to talk about it. Employee's, Customer's, the guy who delivers my rugs. It was strange. Normally I'd be researching the event on the internet, trying to get a police report, traffic cam pictures, etc. But not today. Today I just can't be bothered enough to care.

I've found myself fascinated with the SuperDome in New Orleans. I find myself fascinated with the whole hurricane end of the south as we know it debacle. I'm a little bit jealous of the people who had to flee, who had to make decisions involving thier families and possesions and what was important enough to take. What to leave behind. It's riviting to me. I don't think that I could stay behind. When I was in KoP last year the remains of a hurricane went through town and the torrential downpour and wind was frightening. And it was merely a storm. That flooded three townships and stranded motorists up and down the turnpikes. It was awesome, and not in a surfer "that's cool" kind of way.

I'm sure that bits of this hurricane will make it's way to us, but the bite will have been taken out of it. It will merely be an end of summer storm on it's way to the coast to retire amongst the orange groves that are now condo's and stripmalls. It's fury merely a blip on CNN and yet another premium increase from State Farm to pay for the damages its youthful vigor created.

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