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2005-08-31 - 4:50 p.m.

Today is the Powerade day. I've been drinking a lot of it. Because I can.

Actually my brain is dull and insipid thanks to allergy medication that gives me 30 minutes of speed like behavior followed by a coma. Good times.

I think I'm so tired of water at this point that bizarre colored beverages with names like Squal and Rush in the title seem palatable. I've also been using those snack size candy bars to keep me motivated enough to breathe and things. Though not well.

I don't understand this sudden seasonal allergy attack. The pressure and the nasal drip are annoyances I could really do without this stressful time of year. I could also use a vacation, suddenly. So it goes.

Also, Financial items suck. I hate finance. Despise it. I can't believe that I used to be an accountant, that the numbers and account lists and budgets were comforting to me. Actually, they probably would still be so if it weren't for the fact that my families company is for all intents and purposes, bankrupt. I don't let such things get me down, but it's frustrating as hell. I'm unloading everything I can, dumping cars and vacation homes, cashing in investments and selling off assets. And fending off email from concerned family members who think I'm over exaggerating or just want attention.

I've always maintained that I was allergice to poverty, perhaps that is the reaction that's kicking my ass at the moment.

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