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2005-10-16 - 9:38 a.m.

I had a party on Friday night. I believe that it was a success.

Judging from the amount of alcohol that was consumed, everyone should have had a good time.

It was a good mix of people. And family. Some of them qualify as people. Others, well, we will just keep them in the family column. Good Times.

Not so good times, I now have to clean up. And I think my laundry is multiplying. I have baskets of clean yet not put away clothing. And no room in any of drawers. Or the closet. Well, on hangers, as the closet was where I shoved all that laundry and hoped that no one would try to slide the door back. Because they would have been buried under a tsunami of cotton.

I forgot to buy dishwasher detergent yesterday, and probably will today. It's not something that I regularly think of when I go to the store.

My preperations for Journalcon are proceeding. I need to figure out my swag label. And purchase some more swag. And stop worrying about the damn swag, although I have started to think that perhaps it is some displaced worry, because it is easier to worry about swag than other things. We shall see. I'm sure I'll be a wreck on Wednesday and on hold Thursday until my flight, where I will sink into my seat, order a cocktail and let the weekend begin.

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