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2005-10-27 - 9:03 p.m.

It was hot today. Well, warm today. And kind of unpleasant.

And now, now it is cool and raining and I am sitting next to the window (because I'm stealing a wifi connection at the moment) and the mist blown in the window is very nice.

I should go out into the rain and run around for a little bit. My iPod is charged and I have a new skin for it that is weather resistant. But I think that I'd rather have my body fall apart. Plus I have some sort of strange bronchial infection going on. It seems that like every transition into and out of winter I catch something. And then I acclimate and all is well. And with that in mind, really running around the block is not going to do anything for me, including clearing my head.

I also seem to find myself in a desert of good things to read. I'm thinking fiction. Something amazing and wonderful like Donna Tart's Secret History or Atwood's Oryx and Crake. Trevis' underappreciated Mockingbird or the all but forgotten This Perfect Day (which is just sad because there were two very bad movies made from his work, which overshadow the eerie, okay, that's for another entry) Swept away in someone elses imagination so enthralled that the hours fly by and the tea grows cold without my attention and the next thing I know my back is stiff and my left foot is near frostbite because it wasn't under the blanket.

I'm all about dysfunction and dystopia at the moment because of my silly feelings. Perhaps I'll ask my doctor to medicate me out of them this weekend.

I'm getting maudlin. And I promised myself that I wouldn't. So, I think I'll just go for a brisk walk. And listen to Mr. Brightsides until I can sleep.

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