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2006-01-15 - 2:11 p.m.

Heh, it was 69 days since my last update. which is amusing to me today because, well, it just is.

It snowed this morning and I was slipping and sliding all over the place. It was a good time.

Thursday nights office made me laugh so hard that I nearly passed out.

I am currently working between the two franchises that we operate, and it's very difficult to do.

My life at 30 is not nearly what I thought it would be, but this is an internal struggle rather than an outwardly one. Which I find a little bit confusing.

I joined a gym. And I was going to use some Christmas money for a personal trainer, but I think that I need to get in better shape before I do that.
That said, Body Pump is for 18 year old hard bodies.

I joined the gym because my parents had a fat intervention with me. Which is now something that I laugh about. At the time even I found it amusing.

I'm fighting this very deep urge to completely redecorate my apartment. I want to steal a UHaul and drive to the nearest IKEA (which is the Denver area, according to Google Earth) and blow all my East Timor money.

I'm going to visit my sister in the Peace Corps this March. And it's very exciting. What with the WeetaPieCon miles and this trip, I might make Gold Status this year. Which will be nice. I haven't had mileage perks since my tech job way back in 2002.

Coffee and I are having a bad breakup. With arguements, late night phone calls, and incredible make up sex.

Despite the urge to redecorate, I'm also considering moving in with friends. They have dogs, and it makes me a little bit nervous, but also, excited. Although again, it goes into that my life is not what I expected it to be at 30.

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