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2006-01-17 - 9:18 p.m.

I'm fighting the urge to just rush out and purchase a bunch of furniture.

I have it all picked out, and a purchase plan set so that I do it smartly. Like a reward for milestones met. Smart Growth or something. Usually when I'm at this point I'm purchasing bedding, or dishes, or some other household item because I just can not be spending, but I am working at being strong here, in not giving in.

I don't have really anything elst to say.

My sister is trapped in East Asia thanks to some storm. Which is amusing, but causing her stress. I myself am halfway hoping that I too will get stuck in East Asia when I go visit, and set myself up as some expat warlord with my own little fiefdom financed with American Cash. And then I wake up. I'd probably hate it. Mainly because I'd be stuck with a limited wardrobe, no laptop, and spotty cell phone service. I'm really a First World kind of guy, and knowing this about myself makes it okay.

I was chatting with a friend about a vacant lot the other night, and we mentioned Yurt's, as she is fond of them. I myself would prefer my Yurt to be climate controlled. And be a luxury high rise condo. Which, is less of a hut made from goat skin, and rather a place you'd want to spend time in. I have no idea why my friend's fascination with the Yurt seems to be cropping up in conversations right and left. I don't see her living without an Internet Connection though. And that's not really an option one finds with the Yurt.

This summer I dated a hippy, who almost had me buying a Suburu and going camping. We would shop at Wild Oats and talk about going camping. And I would go along with it to humor her, when in fact, I had no intention of driving up to Idaho to spend time with her drum circle and cleansing myself in the hot springs. It seems that such gatherings were all natural, or rather au natural, as one can't truly commune with nature while wearing Prana, Gramicci, and Chaco's. Even if it hasn't been washed since the Clinton Administration. Anyway, where I was going with this, is that she would have liked living in a Yurt also. And wouldn't have needed an internet connection. Or a shower.

Damn hippies.

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