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2006-02-01 - 2:05 p.m.

Week 2 of the Chicken Bucket Diet and things are going well.

I kid, I kid. There are no buckets of chicken. Although I am considering the Atkins route. Because, well, I'm tired of fiber. So very, very tired of it.

And I had Chick Fil A last night and it was oh so very delicious. Not that it's Atkins friendly or anything, but it was not fiber. So it was good.

This morning I had a customer who claimed that he knew all about the process of taking a car from it's current state and making it clean flat and shiny. And that at my prices, well, unless I was offering him a blowjob with the paint service, I was ripping the good people of Layton off. And so I offered to take $25 off the price of paint if he left the car today.

I was proud of my quick thinking. And the guy is an idiot. A raving lunatic who uses profanity and a caustic personality to get his way. And I cry bullshit on that. This job has made me really dislike people that are not upfront about things. I hate sheisters. Hate! The people that put things in their food, the people that practice insurance fraud, the people that jip the system because they can. We had an employee that had figured out how to get his room comped at Motel 6 by bitching about something. And so he and his family would go on vacations and stay at Motel 6's, but then not have to pay for the room. Then they figured it out and told him that he could not stay at their hotel anymore, and he was pissed off. And tried to sue them. Which, man. The ignorance of people. But I suppose that it works, or it would not happen.

Uh, that was a tangent. But it was good to get it out of my system. Now, I think I'll go soak my hands in lotion, as they are painfully cracked and ugly.

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