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2006-02-12 - 11:57

I don't know why, but I'm not doing very good. That's about the best way that I can describe it. The stress of life is heavy. Or something. I was going for deep, but really, I don't do deep very well. Because I'm Irish.

I got a scratch on my PowerBook the other day, and I've been looking for covers, or stickers, or something that will not only cover it up, but actually look cool. Which is hard to pull off when one is 30 and living in Utah, where pretty much the only place to purchase decals is the record store or Hot Topic, and while I may like Saves the Day, I don't really need them advertised on my mac. I asked my sister to check out Wishbone in San Francisco however, and also the Paul Frank store. Because while I may be 30, my mac is only 19 in computer years.

This entry is not a cry for help. I should have mentioned that earlier. I really don't think the internet is the place to post a cry for help, actually. Mainly because there are too many people out there who say 'puter and post pictures of their cats. And while that may work for some of you, it really doesn't speak well for someone's ability to assist with life and her lessons. I just felt like I should post something, seeing that I have not in a very long time.

I will be going to WeetapieCon at the end of this month. I'm looking forward to it. There is nothing like hanging out with beautiful people who think the same of me, and singing and the other joys of a Wisconsin visit. And I'm thinking there must be fluff there. And that, well, that lifts my spirits.

In Mid March I head out to Indonesia to visit my sister. I'm a little nervous about that. Not because of the poverty and third world conditions that I'm going to expect there, nor because of the lack of western toilets (and if you don't know what I'm referring to, well, lucky for you. I still am haunted by a rather unfortunate Taiwan adventure) as I've been doing my squats and getting my shots and malaria pills and all the other things that one must do to visit the third world. I'm nervous because I don't know how I will be. How I will react. The last time that I traveled in that region it was at Business Class, and I was insulated and protected from anything uncomfortable. And while I'm excited for the adventure, I'm not sure how I will handle it.

My very good friend got a dog last week. It's a boxer. And very adorable. That's not a word that I use, like lightly or even at all, but it fits this little guy. Although I have to say, I used to want a male puppy. Now, I do not. I could not deal with the lipstick. Having grown up pretty much exclusively with black and blonde labs I was a bit unprepared for the, er, excitement of a boy puppy. So it goes. Even though it really would be difficult, I signed up at the local pound requesting a french bulldog. We shall see. Am I ready to be a parent? Am I ready to keep something alive? Sure, the Ficus didn't pull through, but also it really didn't demand my attention. It's a lot of questions.

Finally, and really this is a marathon entry for me, but it seems that I will be moving out of my loft in the next couple of months. Moving in with friends. Well, now they are friends. Who knows after co-habitation. Certainly not me. But, I think that it might be a good move for me. It will force me to be a little more social, it will force me to stretch as a person, and that's sometimes a good thing. Plus, even though we will most likely be renting, the thought of a new space to convert over to my aesthetic, well, that's fun. New furniture, and arranging, and also making over my housemates. It's a project! I thought that it would be fun to have Before and After parties, kind of to brag about my abilities. Moving will also be good for me, because I have too much stuff. Too many clothes, too many things, just too much. And that's partly why, I think, why I'm not doing to good. I've allowed myself to be overwhelmed, and simplifying will go a long way towards bringing me back. Or so I like to think. We shall see.

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