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2006-03-01 - 13:40

So, it's been like 48 hours since I made it back to my non frozen state (seriously, it was almost 70 yesterday) and I'm a little bit nervous about the impending quantity of photos showing me drunk.

But then, that's what happens every time I go on vacation. That, and the love.

As always, I had a fantastic time. As always, the people where hot, the drinks were cheap (or even free) and there was a lot of sadness in leaving.

I landed on Thursday night, a little bit delayed thanks to Kalamazoo being overbooked, along with every other flight in the commuter concourse of Cincinnati. Which, I found that I had somehow misplaced my phone. I tore apart my bag, and my pockets, and was just annoyed. This is the third phone this Year. Yes, three phones in aught six. And there are all kinds of flight delays, due to other destinations. It seems that all of the other flights are oversold and there was a contest going on between the gates who get be the more grating on the offers. Ante's were upped and upped. I mean, who knew that Kalamazoo was such a popular destination? Or some bizarre city that started with a B. Eventually, Green Bay is allowed to board. All 12 of us. Which was almost anti-climatic. So, Weet picks me up at the Airport, alerting me to the fact that Ian was also delayed but Mo would be picking him up. And that there had been an incident involving pickled onions during his travels. Which makes for a lose/lose flight if you ask me. So, we were off to Casa de Bix to watch Project Runway, where Mo would meet up with us once Ian was gotten. Or something. Grammer and I are fighting right now. You'll have to excuse me. With a quick stop by the grocer to purchase pickled onions to turn into faux swag, we arrived to find Esteban and Mare smoking in the cold weather. As always with Mare there was mutual stroking of egos. No YOU'RE the prettiest. Weet threw food at us, including a trifle that left me a little tipsy, along with sushi, fruit and cheese, plus a vodka drink that was all vodka and a splash of POM to make it Mauve (Mauve I tell you!) Mo arrived with Ian who was not nearly as pickled nor oniony as we had thought, and we settled down for an evening of Project Runway.

The next morning, after a couple more episodes of Project Runway I checked into the hotel and then learned that the Sciences had arrived, as well as Lisa-Marie but that most people were upstairs bathing. Because that is what people generally do when checking into the St Brenden. They grab their cookies and then they bathe. So, Mare and I went in search of cigars and magazines, then a delicious middle eastern snack where we were fortunate to run into Jen, Fredlet, Cruel-Irony, and Keri. After recommending the mocha made with Bailey's, Weet called and needed some help, so I abandoned Ms Ingenii with the Plane/Train/Automobile group. Which was fine, as they could then freely discuss the ass and tattoo's of the waiter. Not that my presence really interrupted their conversation to begin with.

Errands done I stopped by my room to add a layer for the Sleigh Ride and also lose the belt as after the smorgasbord created by June, there would be no way that it would fit. Settling into the bar to find Lisa Maria, Mare, and the Sciences as well as meeting Allison, seeing Paula and Allie, it was bam, bam, bam. I think actually everyone was there. Bozoette gave me a hug, which is just a nice way to start an evening. Sean asked me about my flight, which I mentioned the fustercluck (and can I say, the correct spelling of that word is in my dictionary. I don't know how to feel about that) that was Cincinnati, griping about who lives in Kalamazoo anyway? The Sciences, actually. But what might have been awkward was not because really, it was just a good time. And so, after downing my pint of Guinness we boarded the bus. The good Doctor was passed around, and there was much joy to be had. Mo was our tour guide and narrated lovely (made up) facts about the area. We arrived early, and so the group broke up into small chatty messes. I hung out with the smokers, enjoying the Djarum Blacks that I'd purchased at the magazine store. Got to know Rachel and Amalia a little better. The sleigh ride was as great as the time before, though with an added bonus of bonfire in the middle. Our sleigh was actually the sleigh that did not finish their bottle of Doctor. And then the other sleigh managed to finish it for us on the ride back. It was shameful. But I was still thinking, No, I'm not going to be THAT Chauffi this trip. Ward and June were as awesome as always, and the food, well, it was everything that Wisconsin dining is. Like everyone else, I overindulged myself, but really, it was just a huge crowd of people enjoying life. And that's the best of times, really.

The Bus to Beelzebub (which is a Soul Coughing song, and not one that I made up, as allegated in the back) took us back to the Hotel, and then would take us to the bar for Karaoke. And so at 9:55 Jesse, Chris, Mare, and I found ourselves staring dumbfounded at an empty parking lot. Uhm, hello. Actually, it was funny in retrospect because we just could not accept the fact that the bus would leave without us. However, Weet came to our rescue, dropping us off. And phase two of the beginning kicked off with singing, drinking, laughing, and a little bit of drama. And because it really doesn't matter, I won't go into it. As the evening wrapped up. I walked home with Mike, Cruel-Irony, TranceJen, and Fredlet, and I was sad to see to hot dog vendors out in the frigid air. Next year.

More later.

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