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2006-03-13 - 13:34

In less than 24 hours I will be ensconced in a coach seat on my way to Asia. I'm a little more anxious about this time around, not necessarily because of any social or political changes, but because I have to do it by myself. The last time I made a trek of this nature I did not have to take care of any of the logistics. I just had to show up at my appointed time and that was that. Met at airports by chauffeured capped gentlemen with printed signs that knew where my hotel was, and where I needed to go. It was good.

Now though, I'm making plans myself. And without the deep pockets of a corporation behind me it's coach class and taxi's. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, it's just fine. I'm still getting frequent flyer miles, and will finally qualify for Medallion level again. I also know how to travel, and feel that I travel well. I'm never one of THOSE people on flights or in Airports. And I feel that the travel sprites reward me for it. As does flirting with the Ticket and Gate staff.

The big thrill for this trip is the fact that I get to see my sister, and experience the environment that she has been living in for the past 2 years. Lesser, but still important, is to see a third world country and see what we as a nation are doing to improve it. To step outside the politics of being an American, and actually live it, if only for two weeks. Which, I will admit, sounds pretentious and quaint, but the stress level of leaving my life for two weeks has broken my ability to express myself (except through the medium of dance, where my three movement freestyle Long Journey into Jungle Heat was financed by an NEA Grant).

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