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2006-03-27 - 4:52 p.m.

I am back from the Third World.

Am I a better person for my experiences? No. No, I am unchanged by them. So, I am not a worse person either. I'm still the same person.

It's fine. I'm okay with the lack of growth. You can't force it. You can only water it. Nurture it. Like Children.

Okay, I'm going to chalk that last sentence up to the jet lag. Oh the Jet Lag. It, makes me a worse person. But so does alchohol. Not many things out there make me a better person. Maybe Micheal Korrs because I hate him personally but he has a way with fit that puts my ill proportions into something resembling a classic male shape. And that makes it worse. But such are the conundrums when one is considered fat by American Fashion icons. So we roll with the punches, we overweight Americans and do our best to stay away from WalMart. Or so I like to believe.

Believe with me, and perhaps we can all make the world a better place. Third world on up.

Fucking JetLag

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