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2006-04-25 - 4:36 p.m.

To get rid of that old coffee taste the previous entry no doubt left in all your lovely mouths (that burned, yet cold taste of coffee pot coffee that has been in the break room for way too long) I decided to update again.

Which, speaking of coffee, I had a delicious cup this morning. Dee-Lishous, even, when spelled semi-phonetically. That it was the high light of today is not telling.

I am bitter, but it's the normal kind. The kind where I feel powerless against the forces stacked up against me, and while I know that eventually I will overcome them, I'm the type of person that complains bitterly along the way. Which is why I don't do the epic quests. I'm not good with discomfort. Not that I've been invited to partake in any, but bear that in mind should any epic quests come your way and you might be thinking, that Chauffi, he'd be PERFECT! It's not true. I would not. And because of my insufferablness, I'd hang around the whole time, while the rest get picked off one by one.

I should probably start seeing my rapist again, or at the very least resume drinking. Something to deal with the pressue that is partly self inflicted, and partly me wishing very, very hard that it will all just magically go away. All this inwardness is frustrating. Probably for you who are reading as well.

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