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2006-05-06 - 11:27 a.m.

I'm hungry. I should eat something.

That's about it for the Chauffi Update. Hunger.

That's also about it for what I'm doing with my life. Thinking about food.

My ennui is really getting the better of me. I don't know if it's work, my social life, my age, my generational stereotypes thrust upon me by an uncaring boomer army, it's just that things seem, lacking.

It might actually be the mess that I'm currently living in. I have no closets, and really, aside from the loadedness of that word, who can live without closets? WHO! And don't tell me people in San Francisco, as they have them. Just not attached to their rooms sometimes. Or they can do wardrobes.

Closets are important.

Actually, this past week while visiting the Bay Area I managed to make it into IKEA and they had some very sweet options. I really look forward to having a blank canvass to re-invent my personal space. It was asian fuzioned before. I don't know what the new place will be like. Neo-classical? French Revival? Modern? Options. It will depend on the living space, that's usually where I get my inspiration.

I'm babbling. Not very coherently. And I wonder why I have no readers.

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