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2006-05-08 - 9:20 a.m.

I think that I jinxed my sister into coming home from the Peace Corps. I moved all my stuff into her room. And now, I have three to five days to move it all out.

Which, is what we did on Sunday.

Guilt! It seems to be what's for dinner.

In addition to my sister coming home, we have added a new addition to the family. Or rather, I have. My cousin is in the military. And his brother took an overseas job. And thus I ended up with an eight year old Pug named Bandit.

There would be photos, but, no, I'm not that person. I'm not. There may or may not be a flckr link up here later. No promises. Trying very hard not to gush, but really, he is the coolest dog on the planet.

He sits on my lap when I drive. It melted my stone cold heart. Also, he grunts, snores, and wheezes. He also seems to be very particular. He won't just gobble anything. You have to coax him into trying new things. He can't stand dog treats. Won't eat most human food. Just his dog food and the occasional jelly bean. (Jelly Belly only, because he seems to be a little bit of a snob. Yes, I'm aware of how much we are soul mates) He's very attached to his dignity, Bandit. Except where his tail is concerned. And then it's MUST GET, until he is dizzy from the effort and must sit down.

I took him to my Sunday night gathering with friends, and he won them over as well, not that they are a tough crowd. Although he refused to play with the boxer puppy, much to Buster's chagrin.

Leaving him this morning was painful. He little eyes, his grunting. I may have to check in on him at lunch.

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