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2006-05-11 - 4:30 p.m.

Itís very slow today. SLLLLOOOOWWWW.

It shouldnít be, the weather is fantastic right now, warm, sunny, bright, all the things that make spring in Utah lovely. Tonight Iím taking advantage of the weather and the daylight savings time to go hit a bucket of golf balls with friends after work.

This could have something to do with the day going by so very, very slowly.

I keep thinking about doing something with my hair. Itís either too long, and then I wait long enough that it grows into something that looks decent, then it gets too long. Itís a cycle. A vain cycle, but one nonetheless.

Okay, so I jinxed myself by saying it was slow. Iíve just spent the last two hours running around like a chicken etc. Which is apt because chickens are stupidÖ..

I have no idea where I was going with the above. I have no idea if this entry will even post, as itís been in the edit window for hours. HOURS.

I take back the earlier sentence about it being slow.

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