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2006-05-11 - 12:27 p.m.

It seems that Florida is not just for white trash and retired Jews anymore, but in fact the fundamentalists have taken too it as well. I say this, because while driving this morning I saw a semi truck with Florida plates that was putting the cross in cross country, by having biblical verses lovlingly airbrushed all over it. I wish that I'd been able to operate the camera on my phone, also because there was a billboard for Disneyland showing princess and mentioning that it was not too late for Happy Ending, which I also found amusing.

I'm picking on Florida, because, well, they deserve it. With thier gov. calling on his spirit guide, and all the stuff that I've read in Carl Hiaasen novels, I'm thinking that it's not really the place for me. Plus, I had a coworker whose husband was from Florida. And really, there is nothing to say about that, except apologize to her. Good times. Although with the Catholics downgrading St Christopher (is he just Christopher now? I'm not sure) to a legend from Saint, I suppose you just have to take it on faith that the word of God mistranslated through millenia will protect you. But that could me just being cynical. In an effort to keep the right wingers from attacking me from this stance, I'd like to point out that I have a (no longer) St Christopher medal in my car, and also one that I keep in my wallet for when I travel. Perhaps I should get Psalm 121 tattoed on my ass instead. Just to hedge my bets.

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