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2006-05-12 - 9:52 a.m.

Damn it. Another day with no office music and so I must listen to the crap rock that worms its way in from the shop, and punish me for my lack of foresight. And so itís Tiny Dancer followed by Taking Care of Business or something along those lines. Rod Stewart, the likes.

I may be getting a new computer this weekend, or rather, the parts of a new computer this weekend. Then Iím sure it will be weeks before it is assembled and software installed. The reason for this new machine is that I will be joining the online gaming community. Iím a little hesitant about this, but really, peer pressure works wonders. Or the threat of it does. Itís amazing that I didnít ever become a Richard Linklater character. However, I look forward to this drain on my time.

This weekend I actually was considering not doing anything for my mother. Because Iím a bad child. I figured that Iíd let my sisters pick up the slack, but now Iíve reconsidered and will no doubt end up doing something. Iím a little worried because I have not had time to do any shopping and my day tomorrow has filled up. And the lame thing about living in this ultra conservative state is that itís not like I can go out on the day of and purchase something. Iím sure youíll find me at 9pm tomorrow in Target throwing anything in to a cart.

Say hello.

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