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2006-05-13 - 11:41 a.m.

I had a customer this morning pull so close to the front door that he could not get it open all the way. So, he backed is car up, like 6 inches. It was stupid.

So, I asked him to please park his car in a clearly marked parking stall, and he pulled into the building.

Needless to say there was a stupidity mark up on his estimate.

Also, last night, or yesterday, the refridgerator decided to quit working. I think that I'll make whoever is late on Monday have to clean it out. Because I don't want to. This would be one of the few perks that I have in this job. But it also means that I have to find a new fridge. I guess I'll be hitting up Deseret Industries. Or Craigslist. Or somewhere. Not today though, I have plans. And tomorrow is Mother's Day (which, I have yet to get my mother something that she is going to like, and I've set the bar incredibly high in Mother's Day past) so it won't be happening then.

I think that I'll just spend tomorrow hiking with Bandit.

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