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2006-05-15 - 2:03 p.m.

So, I painted this guys car, who it seems is a local legend (his words, not mine) on the DJ scene. DJ Flex something, something. I can't remember. All he does is remix other people's songs and then sells them in clubs.

As a "thanks" he gave us a copy of his latest remix. It's all hip hop that I haven't heard before. Not bad. It's one of those CD's that can play and you can't tell the difference between the songs. Or rather, I can't. Because I'm a cracker.

I have a lot of waste on my iPod, which I managed to take back this year when I upgraded to the Video version earlier this year. So, actually the bloat exists on my iTunes. Plus the podcasts, and the video podcasts, it's just kind of a mess. It's actually a metaphor for my messy life. Only without a widget that gets me cover art and auto corrects my genres to the 8 I've selected.

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