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2006-05-17 - 10:55 a.m.

This morning we added an extra block to our morning constitutional, Bandit and I. It still took forever to go a short distance.

However, we saw less joggers today, probably because they are recouperating.

I found myself horrified of the thought that maybe I should get a fannypack to stuff the various acoutrements needed for dog walking (treats, backup lead, poop bags, hand wipes, sanitizer, etc)so now I'm thinking of a backpack or something.

It was a frightening prospect, especially since North Face, Timbuk2, and Jansport all still make them. Or, uh, so I've been told by Google.

Yesterday I was tricked into staying the day at our Layton store. Which just blew chunks all over the place. So it goes. Today I'm also going to the Layton store, however, there is no pretense that it is a temporary thing, it's understood amongst all parties that I will be ending the day there. Which means, traffic, lame employees, harrasing customers, and dealing with my parents. Today is great!

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