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2006-05-19 - 11:54 a.m.

This is becoming annoying, I'm sure, the daily updates about my dog walk. But when it's all you have, you will hear about it! And you will like it!

Continuing on,

This morning we didn't see anybody. It was like 28 Days later, only without the adreneline fueled zombies. Also, I look nothing like Cilian Murphy.

I've been working in the Layton store, most of this week, actually. I hate it. I've tried to figure out ways to love it, much like Mrs. Baldwin has no doubt made peace with her Children. But really, like I'm sure Mrs. Baldwin has also done, deep inside I can't do it.

So, now I'm demanding bribes. I doubt that it will work, but bribery is really the only option that I'm holding onto at the moment.

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