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2006-05-20 - 03:22

I want to live in a dystopia. I say this because I actually enjoy reading dystopic fiction. And my spell check could not find either of those words. So it goes sometimes. Just be thankful that I'm using spell check.

Actually, there are signs that I am actually living in said dystopia. Mainly because of the disapointing finishes of my two reality television shows. Actually, I shouldn't say disapointing on The Amazing Race. We returned from the craptastic family edition, to this season. I just was never a fan of the hippies, in fact, I loathed the mugging for the camera. I appreciate that they learned how to say Thank You in every language they came across on the race, and that they seemed genuine in their enthusiasm. I just did not like them. Nor did I like Eric and Jeremy, and took solace in their second place finish. Because Second Place? Worst place to be.

I was going to talk about America's Next Top Model, but that show is dead to me. If I want to see fugly bitches crying, I'll watch True Life docs on MTV. And not have to put up with Miss J, Tyra's schizophrenia, and the stupidity.

I'm still bitter, it seems.

So, I will listen to the club mix of Resurrection and plan out my glass, cement, and aluminum city where everyone is a size 6 and wears Issey Miyake clothes. Where food is prepped and served by machines, and it seems to always be overcast. We will be vampire pale and our iPod playlists will mimic the austere surroundings and bleak pallet. But the trains? Will run on time.

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