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2006-05-30 - 9:18 a.m.

I had a very lazy weekend. Or rather, a very lazy Monday. My Saturday and Sunday where actually very typical. Which was nice. I enjoy my weekends.

It seems that Foriegner is very popular here. Which was surprising enough to make it into a half page story in the paper. Yes, the rest of the world is falling apart, but we can devote half a page to concert tickets selling out.

To be fair, there was a tiny blurb in the world section about East Timor, which prompted phone calls all weekend from concerned people not in the know about my sister. And then the Earthquake had family members calling as my mother is visiting with Erin in Indonesia. They are in Bali, which was not hurt. It did cramp their travel plans however, so they intend to spend all of their time in the regions surround ing Ubud instead of touring through Indonesia.

I also finally connected my new Tivo unit up, and set up the digital cable in the basement. This process, which took all of 20 minutes should have been done a month ago. Yes, it's true. I've had it about a month. Good times. I was very disapointed however. This new Tivo, it doesn't know me. My likes, my dislikes. Sure, it can record two channels at once, is enormous in stature, and the black/chrome lustre of its finish looks wonderful amongst my electronics. But it's a new relationship. It also has judged me based on the My Sweet 16 season pass, and not judged me kindly. I did, however, use the tough love of delete and thumbs down until it had nothing to suggest to me. We will just have to build up our trust, he and I.

And because I'm that way, I've named it Tarken. As in Grand Moff. But right now, he's just Tarken. He's got to earn the title.

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