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2006-06-05 - 10:59 a.m.

I had an interesting weekend.

I built a computer. Actually, my friends built a computer while I watched, making comments and generally getting in the way. Next time, I'm buying an XBox 360. It would have been cheaper. However, we can now all play online together.

Yes, I bought a computer and Everquest II so that I could spend more time with my friends.

There were several false starts, some non-working equipment, runs to the computer store. There was also episodes of the Office (US Version) and pizza. I had a fantastic time. It lasted until the Wee Hours of the morning, but in the end, it was completed.

It's a very pretty computer. In the building of said machine I felt that was important. Although it does have Windows on it. Which, I'm against. We had some Mac vs XP discussions, mostly while Windows failed to install correctly for the 47th time. I was feeling a little bit disloyal to my laptop this morning, as I gazed affectionatly towards the black and aluminum construct dominating the basement. It's very cool looking. The massive LCD monitor particularly. However, the brushed silver of my Powerbook still has my affections, and while it may no longer make my heart race a little bit, it's still the workhorse for web surfing, product review writing, and emailing. As well as journal updating. The Scully to my Mulder, the, uh, I don't know. Insert your own metaphor here. I'm worn out.

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