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2006-06-08 - 12:58 p.m.

I just skipped a call from my accountant. Good times. Unless it was the firm telling me that she had made off with all of our money and was last seen boarding a plane to the Bahama's, in which case, good for her. At least someone can benefit from the decline of our once great Utah empire.

I'm bitter today. Which is partly why I screened the call from the accountant. She wants paperwork, actually, and I'm not really in the mood to fax it over. I hate faxing things over. Today, at least. Perhaps I'll make the part time office help do it later, while I sit in one of the customer chairs and read the latest Time Magazine (yes, the current one, we only have issues goine back 2 weeks), sipping a mocha, and generally pissing everyone off.

Last night I became irritated and nearly violent about a video game, and a scoring/fighting system that I did not understand. It was childish. I hate that. Tonight, I think I will catch up on my Netflix Rentals. Maybe read a book. And then log in just to get up a level, which basically means staying up until 3am telling my fatigued and malfunctioning brain "Just one more Quest and then we'll go to bed". Ah, how the flesh is willing but that spirit, is weak.

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