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2006-06-16 - 1:40 p.m.

I just had someone threaten to "fuck me up" and then bash out the windows on my building. Which, is a bit strange, at least to me.

They were, needless to say, unhappy with the services they recieved. And while, I can understand not being a satisfied consumer, the threats are a bit hard to handle. Maybe if I'd been unapologetic about things, told him he had to take the car as is and to fuck himself, it would be understandable.

So it goes. It's friday and I'm leaving on a jetplane in 7 hours. This hell week will be over, and I can go back to my safer, less likely to be threatened existance in Ogden, where the pieces will need to be picked up. It's not that things fall apart when I am gone, it's just that things are not done my way. They slide, a little bit.

Right now I'm settling for a large box of Mike & Ike's instead of the nap that I wish, and will perservere through the next delivery, which, judging from the phone calls, will most likely be just as pleasant.

I am so tired of this business. Note to self, never sell services on something that people are emotionally involved in. It's never worth it.

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