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2006-06-29 - 1:06 p.m.

Today's customer from hell story is brought to you by a very delicious prime rib sandwich from Quizno's. And thier tropical ice tea, which is likewise, delicious.

So, I'm enjoying my sandwich, and a woman walks in needing an estimate. Well, I've got my mouth full, but my office manager is happy to assist her. She looks at me, with stink eye, and tells me, with a totally straight face, I'm a committed Vegan, and that sandwich OFFENDS me. And she breathes through her nostrils, causing them to flare like a bull tanted by a red cape.

I stare at her, a little dumbfounded. Then, after politely finishing my mouthful, I apologize, and take myself and my sandwich out of the office.

So, it seems that she scraped the side of her car on a pole, and she ran my manager through the ringer because I was eating a steak sandwich when she walked in. Is this the kind of place that she is going to be comfortable having her car fixed? How were we going to make that sandwich up to her?

Yes, it was an angle. The Vegan angle! She has Vegan friends, and are always looking for Vegan friendly places to do business with. I'm a little incredulous. Who thinks that is a threat? Who would take those people seriously? Toyota makes cars with Leather Seats, and no doubt they were at her dealership, did she crap on them for that? I think it was all a ploy. She probably scratched the side of her crappy Corolla on the side of a McDonalds drive through. And the manager called her on her Vegan act.

People are so absurd. This example of that just hurts my head. I can't imagine the circumstances that would let someone think threatening to turn me into the Vegan police for enjoying a sandwich would get them a better deal. It's funny in the way that makes you laugh until you cry.

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