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2006-07-12 - 8:56 a.m.

I was smarter today. I brought in a bunch of snacks. And I called the HVAC people and basically intend to bankrupt this shop in order to get the A/C fixed. I don't care how much it costs. But it's a hundred degrees outside, and a hundred and twenty inside.

Damn heat. It makes everything miserable. Cold, that I can deal with. I like to layer, I enjoy sweaters. Playing with color and patterns to coordinate something fun. You can't do that with shorts and a t-shirt. I can't do it at least, it's just too much effort for something that I'm going to sweat through in 5 seconds anyway.

In other news, unrelated to any mood swings I may want to participate in today, I have put an offer down on a house. It's a nice house, bank owned through a foreclosure but in an area the city is trying to renovate, and I think it just might. It's a very good price, so the risk to me is very small, and the mortgage payment, even if we go with the full asking price, is cheaper than renting. And I'll have roommates to fill up the various rooms, which will be nice. Roommates to fost off my cast away clothing, roommates to cook for. Roommates to piss off because I'm mothering them. I'm certain that I'll be called Mrs. Garrett behind my back. I look forward to having my sister move back to open a novelty shop after my store burns down, and getting to meet special guest star El DeBarge.

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