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2006-07-14 - 9:40 a.m.

This buying a house process is killing me. The waiting game, man. I'm very impatient. Impulsive. You can't impulsively purchase Real Estate. It does not happen that way.

Which, I suppose is good for some. Probably for me. But I've gone and pinned all my hopes and dreams on this piece of property and can't face the thought of not getting it. And so the frustration is doubled.

I was hoping for a distraction, if only for an hour, with the premier of the new season of Project Runway, and while I'm ambivilant about the season thus far, it is still fresh. The personalities have not emerged, and all I have are snap judgements and a conspiracy theory concerning the Weinstein Brothers, Orange, and the winner. So that and my EQII gaming is keeping me sane.

I like the yin/yang. Although Fashion is a sort of Role Play, so it fits. It fits.

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