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2006-07-28 - 1:31 p.m.

I have my home inspection being done on Tuesday now. Which, is exciting I suppose. The city and various utility companies are turning on the water, power, etc for 24 HOURS ONLY, duh duhm duh! Starting at 3pm Monday.

Which, is interesting, I suppose. I didn't think that I would have to be around for this inspection, but aparantly, that is not true. I'm supposed to be there at 10am Tuesday Morning. With my checkbook, of course.

I'm a little anxious about this whole thing. Not the home inspection, but the house purchasing in general. The amount of paperwork and stress involved, it's crazy. The hurry up and wait process, not cool. To add to this high level of zaniness, I'm not allowed to leave work, and get chastized for taking work time to handle these issues, I'm expected to "buy a house on my own damn time" which is currently 6pm to 730am. Reasonable hours to deal with banks, title companies, and the post office, sure. I can't believe the liberties that I'm taking.

I'm amazed I haven't been fired. No doubt, that would be rewarding me for my behavior, and so the hell of my employment continues unabated.

My bitterness, knows no bounds. I should be happy, I should be carefree, I should, at the very least, be satisfied that my future is at least progressing in a positive direction and the Single, 31, Living at Home is being eradicated, if not from my head, then at least from the public record. I'm hoping that when I actually take possesion of my home I can stop the general malaise, the fatigue, the binge eating, and maybe take a step or two towards mental recovery.

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