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2006-08-03 - 2:58 p.m.

Today has not been a very good day. I have been out voted on what constitutes a comfortable office temperature, and so it is a balmy 80 degrees in here, with humidity.

I've been verbally sparring with my father all day, and have gotten the final say by moving around his desktop icons. We got into a shoving match at one point, he was on the phone while I tried to write a check and each of us unwilling to move. I feel that I had the more rightful position, seeing that the vendor was waiting right there, while he was just talking on the phone with my sister, and could have taken one of the portables. But that is niether here nor there.

I also have been sparring with customers, it's been a rough lot today. I had one woman threaten to call a lawyer because I was charging her sales tax when her coupon did not mention that her purchase would have any tax, and since it didn't say anything about it, it should be included. This faulty, and really, unusual logic stream went on for several minutes. My asking if the items advertised during the Sunday paper were taxable, and did she argue with the stores caused her to scoff at me and say "Quit being ridiculous, this isn't the same thing"

All for a 1986 Plymouth Acclaim.

Also, there is a certain segment of this society, and these people, lord help them, are breeding. And it's just wrong. There is no polite way to say things about this segment of the population, and the obvious digs about WalMart and Nascar really are tired and overdone. Also, if you are a Taco Bell wage slave with one child, and another on the way, please put your money towards, say, a house down payment, or perhaps dental care, and not towards a bodykit and paint on your 1994 Honda Civic that your common law wife and baby momma got from her parents when she received her GED.

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