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2006-08-05 - 12:33

I find myself wondering if the things that annoy me so much about the people that I have to deal with on a daily basis are regional quirks, or rather something that happens nationwide. I've spoken with other owners, and I'm leaning towards a regional problem. I just find it frustrating that I can't tailor my advertising to this subset, that I have to take the nationwide ads given me and run with those. I think that I could market this business more effectively given local dollars to do so.

But then, that's the joy of a franchise. Other franchises I think have the benefit of being in other areas first, and being in industries like Starbucks, where people know the name, and suddenly we have them. It's status to have that white and green cup. I don't have that luxury. It's also only a few dollars, compared the hundreds that I charge.

I'm just frustrated again. Which, I'm sure you are all aware, is a novelty.

My house is progressing nicely, as far as I can tell. There was some strange hiccups on Thursday and Friday involving the lot and the zoning, but it seems that these are standard fare for old homes in areas that have had cities grow up around them, and so are easy to take care of. At least, that's what I'm being assured of. I should have the documents to sign my addendums on Monday. And then I overnight them to the title company, and I'm that much closer to closing. Hopefully at the end of the week, which is doable according to my buyers agent.

I would really like to get out of my parents basement. My father is stealing my dog away from me. It seems that is bandit's MO however. He's crafty. He will play the two of us off each other, with him winning every time. I have to admire his strategy, and his craftiness. It makes me love him more. And give him bacon. Good Dog.

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