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2006-08-23 - 3:16 p.m.

This morning I had a cyst on my eye the size of a dime. A dime! It was crazy. It looked kind of like a sunny side up egg, only, you know, gross. Well, sunny side up eggs are gross, and this was, worse. Dime sized, egg looking, worse.

I was at the doctor last night, and they spent an inordinate amount of time warning me about Staff (duhn duh DAh!) infections. And I was told no touching, no rubbing, no squeezing, no other sexual metaphors. So, I left it alone. When I was at the doctor last night, it pinched my eye halfway closed, but was tiny.

This morning, the pain, the size, the other sexual metaphors where driving me crazy. I couldn't wear my glasses, I couldn't do anything. So, I thought, I'd itch AROUND the eye. Not near the yolk, just the white.

I'm not kidding, it was like someone jumped on a mayonaise packet.

I was talking on the phone at the time, but managed to extract myself, though nearly as dramatically nor quickly as the puss in my eye had.

So, now I'm weeping constantly, which, I was told on the phone is a good thing as that means it should not stop up. Dry is a breeding ground for Staff (duhn duh DAh!) or rather, not weeping. I don't know. They said that I didn't have to come in, since it was not bleeding. And that copious amounts of puss in my eye was okay.

It's still not bleeding. But it's still oozing, uh, yolk. Into my eye, which then gets weeped out the side of my nose, collecting at the corners like sleep, only, not. And the size is back to Tuesday night.

If it swells tomorrow morning I'm totally squeezing it. Staff (duhn duh DAh!) be damned.

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