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2006-09-06 - 2:10 p.m.

There was a time, back in my white collar life, where things would happen, and I would chuckle at my clumsiness and move on. I'd spill mustard on myself at lunch just before a big presentation, say. And I could just get over that, and move on, usually with a rush to Nordstrom's for a new shirt or pair of slacks.

I seem to have lost that ability. Granted, life has been dumping a hell of a lot of mustard on my pants lately (metaphorically rather than literally speaking) but I still think I should be able to shrug it off and move on. I don't know why I can't.

Perhaps I was able to shrug off the petty annoyances back then because I felt like I was at least semi in control, that while my future may not have required protective eyewear, I could at least see where I was going. Now, however, I'm fumbling around in the dark.

God, two metaphors in a single entry. Perhaps I should instead move over to and start a celebrity stalking blog. OMG!!! I luv Celine Dion!!!!!!!!! Or something.

This weekend I'm hosting my very first house party, and I'm behind. Very behind. I designed tasteful invitations that had just the right note of witticism and personality. And then did not get them mailed out. So, I may pull together a e-vite, but gah. I so wanted paper. I also wanted everything done on the house. Alas, last night I gave up on getting the bathroom completed. This afternoon, it may be the kitchen. I'm a touch frantic, and realize that it's me, it's all me, that my friends, family are not going to care that my house does not looke like it belongs in an issue of DWELL, the retaking city centers edition, where tastefull minimalism meets reneweble urban design, and damn it, WHY CAN'T IT?

It will work out. I should have done nothing, thrown the Before Party, which gives me an excuse for an After Party, and all the accolades that one gets for having taste.

And yeah, that read pompous to me as well.

So, to recap, because I tend to ramble, I can't see so life is dropping mustard on me, just in time for my house warming party and I'm stuck up.

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