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2006-09-07 - 13:07

Yesterday evening (at the worst possible time) I received a call from Chariti (and I know that's how it is spelled because she sent me an email this morning) concerning a friend of mine who gave them my name. It seems they wanted to give me a prize package that included Air Fare, Hotel, and Discount Coupons good at fabulous destinations nationwide. All I had to do was sit through a Time Share presentation.

Yay. Time share presentations. Back when we first purchased our compound in Cabo San Lucas, the area was not really that built up. And we would go visit, enjoying the beach and the markets and the drunk Canadian's in from the cruise ships. And the Time Share people would beg and plead and give away all kinds of incentives, and it was a pain in the ass because my father would always sign up for them, It's FREE he would tell us, though having to spend an hour and a half with a high pressure salesman before getting your certificate for a free Snorkeling Session would really not qualify in my book as Free.

This "event" is actually being billed as a non-time share event, through the magic of "points" you receive with your paid subscription you exchange these "points" for free nights in Condos at resorts all over the world. You get enough "points" to stay over 10 nights a year! Yes, I'm excited as well. Obviously this is the Sprite to Time Share's 7-Up. How silly of me to not see that it's completely different. There's Lymon!

I hope they have a talking puppet.

And yes, that means that I will probably attend this meeting. And that hopefully I will not be suckered into this "point" system. It's not for the free trip, though if that actually happens, how nice. I really want to go to Vegas in December.

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