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2006-09-08 - 11:54

So, I've totally choked on the house stuff. I tried to hang some blinds, became frustrated and instead did nothing. Well, I did watch the new Jim Gaffigan special, which was hilarious. Lot's of laughter, stomach ache variety, and then sleep. Which, makes me a slacker. I also ignored my dog, leaving him at the parents house of the night. Much to everyone's annoyance. My parents where all, You can't sleep up here on the bed and Bandit was like, all Oh No you just did not push me off! I sleep up here! And when he says these things, it's in the voice of a 30 year heavy drinker / smoker with just a tint of rage. Because that suits him very much. He was very nonchalant about things this morning when I showed up to say hello, but that could have been the hot dogs my dad was feeding him. Yeah, great to see you, I'm a little busy at the moment, why don't you go get my leash and we'll go for a walk when this guy puts those dogs away, mmkay?

As for the house, my mother is now on the job and has given a list of things to do, and will accomplish them, or face her wrath. And that's not a wrath one would want to face. And, it's probably for the best anyway. I do much better with an overseer to guide my actions. I'm not really a self starter. Guilt, the judgment of others, and fear of appearing trashy are what guide me. They cut through my apathy and ennui, though not easily. I need to find the driving force that will cut like a warm knife through butter. Except, now all I can think about is butter. Mmmh.

On a butterhorn from Wilson's Bakery in San Jose. Double mmh.

The interesting thing about all this house stress and planning, is that I'm rushing through it, and when it's done, I have no idea what I will do with my time. What will I worry about? What will I throw my money at? It's intriguing. Of course, that's a long way off, with the yard and all that, but I wonder, have I finally found my hobby? Will I go all Sarah Winchester with my place and have doors that open up to nowhere and tiny steps? Will I become boring? Will I start getting matching sweaters for Bandit and myself? And what's wrong with that? Ah, the heady world of home ownership.

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