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2006-09-13 - 4:40 p.m.

I'm feeling slightly guilty right now.

My father and I were fueding, as usual, in our passive aggressive way. So, he's being an ass and I'm not acting any better, and the morning passes.

At 11:30 I tell him I'm going to take a lunch break and will be back by Noon. He replies No, and then leaves in a huff.

I'm annoyed at this turn of events, but whatever. I should have just left, and indeed, make plans to just leave for a half hour when he gets back.

Well, it seems that on his way to Ogden, he was stopped at a light and a Semi truck rear ended him. Twice.

He's okay. Or rather, he was not critically injured. They took him to the hospital to make sure, and he has checked out fine.

When he drove off I didn't wish him harm. I had my revenge leaving firmly in mind. So, I have no worries there. The guilt is, when told about the accident, my first thought was, Should have let me take lunch.

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