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2006-09-20 - 2:47 p.m.

The US Postal Service has the worst website and tracking information. It really sucks.

This has been my morning, well, rather, early afternoon, trying to track a package. I also have been trying to find out why I don't get mail at my new house.

It's because they don't have it in the system. They don't deliver mail to my address, nor do they ever have claimed to. Which, is just odd. The house was built before this place became a state. The house sits downtown, there are no farms or anything around it. Anyway, to qualify for delivery, I need to prove that the house exists, give them the street address and the plot numbers, and they will get back to me.

Which, is just plain odd.

Luckily I got a phone call about it, I hadn't registered that there was no mail coming through the house, and now it certainly seems strange, but I think I would have coasted for a while before realizing it. Thank Goodness for online bill pay and direct deposit.

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