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2006-09-26 - 00:58

I'm very tired. I should be sleeping. Or resting. Or something. Instead I'm hopped up on Excedrin purchasing dance mixes of songs I already own on iTunes. It's so easy to spend money, sometimes I wish it was more difficult.

I've been inspired by my time in Chicago, more specifically the 80's dance club I visited so I've been downloading a bunch of songs that I'm sure I have elsewhere, but then, these are newer mixes. It's also fascinating to see that bands that I basically thought died on New Years day 1990 kept it up. Sure, it was most likely in Europe, but still. Like Dead or Alive. Wow. I always preferred Brand New Lover to the more popular Spin Me Round. And now I have a couple mixes of it. One of which is so typically 80's it makes me feel like I'm in the den playing Mega Man 2 on Nintendo.

In addition to making my thumbs have phantom aches, this delving into the ghost of music past has allowed me to kind of view my life in a perspective that I don't normally take. The long view. It's nice to see the points in between then and now. And not the negative ones, I'm getting to the point where I can actually edit out the bad memories. Or so I like to think.

80's dance music has always had the power to uplift me. As have dance tracks in general. They take me to smoky clubs and the invincibility of youth, to times where I let the beat take me. The sickly sweet raspberry taste of Vodka and RedBull, and how it didn't matter that the last BART train left 15 minutes ago. To realizing that my clothes were soaked through and I'd been moving for 5 hours. And also, ultimately how really lonely I am. One thing that I've always felt alienated by was my eclectic taste in music, on the one hand embarrassed by what I liked / didn't. How not-niched I seem to be, how diverse my tastes have always been.

Anway, I'm not really in the mood for self reflection, despite the above paragraphs. Instead I think I'll retreat into the playlist and let the Matt Costa and Dangerous Muse live side by side for now, and how in my own world, it really works.

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