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2006-10-09 - 11:23 p.m.

I re-arranged my room this evening, in the vain hope that it would somehow magically re-arrange my life.

Of course, itís been like 20 minutes, and itís still a little bit of a mess, but no changes. Iíll keep you all posted.

I hung out with my roommates this evening, one of them made dinner and then we watched television, and I felt like a cast member of Murder She Wrote waiting around for Jessica Fletcher to come and bring some excitement. Because I felt really old, not that I wanted a roommate to end up dead and then have his crazy mystery novelist Aunt show up. My money though, would be on Aaron. He could kill. In his sleep. And get Matlock for a lawyer. Who would hire Hart & Hart to investigate things, and man I watched too many bad shows as a kid. The Murder She Wrote was actually my Grandparents favorite show and we would watch it with them on Sunday nights before Youth Group. We never watched Matlock though. Andy Griffith bothers me. Hart to Hart was on Nick at Night I think, when I started college. Or maybe it was on in the afternoons. I donít really recall, other than I watch it.

Iím a bit fascinated by these pictures. They are kind of not safe for work. Dita von Tease is awesome. Iím only doing black and white photos in my room; maybe Iíll be tacky and put these up. They remind me of San Francisco, which, Iíll admit is a bit of a stretch, but they are unapologetic, and sexy, and controversial, and those are things that I think San Francisco owns. These are also the things that I think I would like to own. Even if they don't make it up on to the walls of my bedroom (and it's t-minus 5 to the new life) they will be going in my scrap book, along with the other ads and photographs I've ripped from magazines. My own little timeline of what I think is cool. It's a more robust dialogue than this diary, sadly. And probably more so than my little steno notebooks. It's a mystery for Jessica Fletcher to solve, I suppose.

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