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2006-10-17 - 5:00 p.m.

I am the bitterist boy in all the bitter lands. Or so it seems to me. I should dye my hair black and wear black t-shirts with my Dickie shorts. Except, suddenly, it's too cold for Dickie shorts. Or Shorts in general. Although blue lips and that pallor would go over well with the aforementioned clothing.

And then I could score a date with a Duff. Hayley, most likely but in the end, isn't a Duff a Duff?

I was going somewhere with all that, but now? Not.

I have been thwarted in shopping lately, which has been frustrating. I need to get some Pleather pants, preferably in Gold as well as a Yellow johnny collar Polo. Neither are to be had in any size. I've now resorted to begging my mother to make the polo and I may or may not have been into Fashion Bug to find pants. Although I don't have much faith, being a husky man is far different than being a women's size.

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