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2006-10-26 - 15:54

I keep wanting to run through the streets of my hometown screaming obscenities about pants. While not wearing any. Because, it would make the news, and I think, once the reason behind my manic episode became public, said public would not doubt vilify and judge, but also, maybe, help. I love the idea of some giant civic outreach. Though I seriously doubt that the good people of Utah would help me dress up as half of Heart for Halloween. It's just not done here.

I do have the final details for my second costume. I was originally dying a shirt the correct shade of yellow. However, that was a disaster so I'm stuck with a regular polo instead of one that was perfect save for color. It was also a cotton/poly blend, and those, do not take to RIT very well. Also, I appeared jaundiced.

Halloween stress aside, I've been making zero progress in the clean and organize my room front. I have finally removed the last of my belongings from my parents garage and will probably be storing them until I die in my entry way. Such is the pace and the goal I've set for myself. It's lofty, but then, those are the best. For a while there I was on a roll, getting things done, getting places to put things, getting rid of things. It was good. I need to find that place again. Also, to get rid of clothes. The recent stress troubles added to my waistline, and I should really just dump everything and start fresh. I do like to do that. And really, I should face my closet with confidence. It should not take 20 minutes and a lot of gut sucking to find something to wear to an open mic night. We shall see, however. I'm good at talking the talk.

I am looking forward to getting away for the long, long weekend. I'm taking three days off, which, is just unheard of around here. And also I'm not allowing any of the envy get to me. It's been nice.

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