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2006-11-01 - 4:46 p.m.

I am so tired my eyeballs hurt. Which, is a good way to come back from a vacation.

I screwed up my alarm on my cell phone this morning and thus woke two hours earlier than I needed too. The worst part was realizing it as I was getting ready to leave the apartment. I did go back to sleep, thinking screw the hair as I did.

My plane was delayed an hour at its previous destination, and so there were a couple people on board that had very tight connections. The Stewardess asked us to keep our seats to allow this group of passengers priority de-planing (and really, it took like 3 minutes to come up with the right word. I kept typing egrets instead of egress, and it was confounding me) and so we, actually did. Which, made me like humanity just a little bit this morning. For a couple minutes. Or rather, until the luggage started showing up. Then humanity was right back up there in the dislike column.

This morning I had many voicemails and phone calls from loved ones concerned about my safety last night, with my sister thinking it likely that I would have followed through with my threat to punch someone wearing a pun costume. It could have been a bad pun, she said. I see that happening. But no, there was no fraccas involving me and someone in a devil mask wearing a hastily scribbled sign saying Prada. I'm thinking the shooting was gang related. I would research it a little bit but right now, my eyeballs are still hurting.

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